Jeannie Belgrave

Coruña Musical

More than just a name, “Coruña Musical” was created as a result of finding myself surrounded by a lot of local musicians and realizing their music was not documented. I believe music is part of the history of any culture. Moreover, life with music is more special. Where music is created, there is an open heart pumping all kinds of feelings, from love to hate to socio-political point of views. A journalist might learn how to taste and describe a moment by listening to the gaita or the chords of an altered guitar.

A year ago, I showed up at a concert where local musicians hit the stage of the Paraninfo in La Coruña. Tonxu, Bau, José Luis Paz, Cesar de Centi, Marwan, Andrés Suarez, Patricia Vazquez, Pablo Rubén Fernandez, among other two musicians, one who played the piano and the other the violin, proved the intuitive observation of lack of documentation of Coruña´s great musical talent.Foto Jeannie BelgraveThat night, the contact was made and new interviews took place. The first one done to Jose Luis Paz, a 25 years old man, who at the time not only was pursuing a career in computer systems but also played the guitar. During the concert, he sang “Veo veo” and ” Amor de Biblioteca“. Also, ” Veo veo” was the opening song for “Coruña Musical”. During the interview, José Luis explained the origin of the song: ” It´s a way to speak about all those things you read in newspapers and watch on TV, events that affect the country, specially Galicia.”

This year, José Luis Paz and Cesar de Centi are getting ready to release their first music CD titled “Principios y Declaraciones

Next : Paris Joel, a musician from Sada,Coruña, who I had the pleasure to share the stage with during the firstSadautor Music Fest”.


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