Jeannie Belgrave


Main entrance and Exit to/from La Coruña

It´s happening. Traffic in -out / to -from La Coruña. 


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Winter Sunrise at Akureyri

Sunset in Akureyri

Winter sunrise at Akureyri, Iceland.  Picture taken by my friend Viktor.

There are places on earth we do not know yet. There is beauty awakening everyday in front of our own eyes. All we have to do is : open our eyes and look for it. When we see it, we might be amazed to find out it has been always there.

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glimpse out – sneak in

Moon sneaking into my window by Jeannie BelgraveThere she is, sneaking into my window.

Does she want me to draw a star next to her? 


Is she the star next to me?

If she is,  I thank her.

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Above Clouds

above clouds Picture by Jeannie Belgrave

Following the path to low temperatures and peaceful places on Earth.

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Whose face?

Jeannie BelgraveView at my landsnail laying an egg_ Foto: Jeannie Belgrave

I took the pictures above the same day at the same place. The second and the third pictures are obvious, but do you recognize the figure/face formed by natural light and shadows of the first one? By the way, the snail was laying the egg under the tree that shows the unknown face.

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A Coruña´s Giraffes

 Digital taken by Jeannie Belgrave with a Nikon coolpix 5200
To some, these gigantic figures are no more than just metallic structures built to accomplish a commercial purpose.  Behind my poetic eye, they are giraffes longing part of their past but getting used to the transformation of the new era where more robotic activity replaces, for better or for worse, the human hand.

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