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Who´s running out of TV ideas?

I found an interesting article about networks looking for TV formats that will work. ¿What´s going on? ¿Who´s running out of ideas? or ¿Is it the fragmentation of the media affecting ratings?
You can access the full article by clicking the link below.
Networks look beyond the U.S. for their next big hit”
If the information is gone by the time you click the link, you can read it at my backup link at
Backup file”

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A Coruña´s Giraffes

 Digital taken by Jeannie Belgrave with a Nikon coolpix 5200
To some, these gigantic figures are no more than just metallic structures built to accomplish a commercial purpose.  Behind my poetic eye, they are giraffes longing part of their past but getting used to the transformation of the new era where more robotic activity replaces, for better or for worse, the human hand.

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